Keene, NH dental office provides extractions

When patients are told that they need a dental extraction, they might feel uneasy about moving forward. There are many situations that can arise in which a patient might need to have one or more teeth removed. Drs. Tae Kwon and Rahul Tase of Monadnock Perio and Implant Center provide this service for new and existing patients of our state-of-the-art dental facility with “absolutely no pain”.

What are some common situations in which a patient might need dental extractions?

Dental extractions are completed for patients based on their unique needs. Below are a few of the more common extractions done at our dental office in Keene, NH:

  • Infected tooth extraction – in situations where a tooth is experiencing an extreme infection, emergency tooth extraction may be performed by our dentists. This is only done if extraction is necessary due to the inability to treat the infected tooth due to the severity of the condition.
  • Wisdom tooth removal – the wisdom teeth, or the “third molars,” are last to develop in the smile, and can be the most problematic for patients. These molars often become impacted or leave the smile at risk of periodontal disease and decay, making it a possible source of future dental issues. Wisdom tooth removal may be either simple or surgical, depending on the location of the tooth under or over the gumline.
  • Orthodontic preparations – patients with overcrowding in the mouth who are considering orthodontic treatment may also need to have one or more teeth removed. Tooth extraction is often done in preparation of orthodontic work to allow space to realign the dental arch and achieve a more beautiful smile.
  • Failed root canal – root canals are often performed to save a natural tooth. However, if they fail, the only alternative is extraction.

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Keene, NH patients of the Monadnock and Cheshire counties can schedule an appointment with our board-certified periodontists to learn more about dental extractions. Whether you need wisdom tooth removal or emergency tooth extraction, we can assist. Our practice is located at 819 Court Street, Unit A and accepts new and established patients who call the office at (603) 215-5800 for an appointment.