Pocket depth reduction with periodontal surgery in Keene, NH

Gum disease develops in stages, starting with the milder form called gingivitis that may have only minor symptoms such as bleeding while brushing or puffy, red gums. If left untreated, however, gingivitis will progress into a more severe form of periodontal disease that can ultimately lead to serious oral health problems such as the loss of gum tissue (receding gums), bone loss, and tooth loss. The dental team at Monadnock Perio & Implant Center in Keene, NH, specializes in helping patients manage gum disease with a customized treatment plan. One therapy that our doctors may recommend is pocket depth reduction surgery.

What are periodontal pockets?

Periodontal pockets are spaces that form between your gums and teeth as periodontal disease progresses. Gum disease starts due to an overgrowth of bacteria and plaque at the gum line, which creates irritation and inflammation in the gums and causes them to pull away from the teeth. Suppose the plaque and tartar are not removed from the teeth. They then begin to infiltrate these pockets, which contributes to the progression of the disease because regular brushing and flossing cannot remove these disease-causing substances from the gum pockets. As a result, it is crucial to work with an experienced dentist who can clean and sanitize the pockets and help them re-form a healthy seal with the teeth.

Periodontal pocket depth reduction surgery

Pocket depth reduction surgery is a periodontal pocket treatment designed to eliminate bacteria and reduce the depth of the pockets, with the overall goal of minimizing the effects of the disease and halting its progression.

  • First, we will numb the treatment area to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the treatment.
  • Then, the dentist makes a small incision in the gum tissue and folds it back to expose the tooth’s root and the bone.
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and if needed, the tooth root and bone will be smoothed (“planed”) to help promote healthy re-attachment and limit the surface area for bacteria to multiply.
  • The gum tissue is stitched back into place with self-dissolving stitches. 
  • This procedure can also be performed using our laser protocol (LANAP) with no incision, no blade, and no stitches. Drs. Kwon and Tase will help you decide if LANAP is a good option in your case. 

We will provide you with all of the information you need to know before and after your treatment to ensure that you are well-informed and learn how to take care of your gums for the best results. In addition, we will work with you to create a periodontal maintenance plan to help prevent further bacterial growth and progression of the disease.

Gum disease is a severe oral health issue, and we are here to help you manage it safely and effectively. To schedule an appointment at our Keene, NH office, call us at (603) 215-5800 today!