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“The Role of Home Care Therapy in Periodontal Disease and Management”

“Peri-implant disease: early diagnosis and non-surgical treatment—a narrative literature review”

“Nonsurgical periodontal therapy based on the principles of cause-related therapy: rationale and case series”

“A novel technique for guided bone regeneration using platelet-rich plasma and osteogenic progenitor cells: Literature-based rationale and case report”

“Successful Nonsurgical Management of Post-orthodontic Gingival Enlargement with Intensive Cause-related Periodontal Therapy”

“Application of bone morphogenetic proteins in bone augmentation procedures”

“Cause-related therapy: A review and suggested guidelines”

“Systematic review of short- (5–10 years) and long-term (10 years or more) survival and success of full-arch fixed dental hybrid prostheses and supporting implants”

“Localized periodontal defect associated with unusual furcation involvement on a mandibular incisor”

“Evident-based strategies for interdental cleaning: a practical decision tree and review of the literature”

“Home care is therapeutic. Should we use the term “Home-care therapy” instead of “Instructions”?”

“Non surgical and surgical management of biologic complications around dental implants: peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis”

“Current concepts in management of periodontitis”