Welcome to Monadnock Perio & Implant Center

Have you been working with your dentist to maintain a healthy smile and find yourself in a situation where periodontal disease has impacted your oral health? Are you dealing with tooth loss or extraction and want to find out if restorations such as dental implants are right for you? Are you in need of gum grafting, laser surgery, extractions, and other periodontal treatments? If you reside in the Monadnock & surrounding communities in NH,VT and MA and are ready to work with a fantastic dental team that can be here by your side, connect with Drs. Tae Kwon and Rahul Tase of Monadnock Perio and Implant Center to discuss your needs. Our board-certified periodontists and their team are here to assist referred and existing patients ready for the best possible care.

Did you know Drs. Kwon and Yen are truly the experts in dental fields? They give lectures nationally and have written many scientific articles in dental journals, focusing on the topics such as management of periodontal disease, cutting-edge innovative periodontal therapy, dental implant therapy, and many others? They are also the directors of a local dental study club with 25+ dentists, NH Study Club for Excellence in Dentistry, focusing on the professional development of other dental professionals in the community. 

Our practice offers the following services:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you are in charge of your oral health, not dental professionals?

Monadnock Perio and Implant Center can help you get there! Our only mission is to make a difference in the oral health of people in Monadnock and the surrounding communities. We do this by consistently investing in our dental professionals’ education and our people in the community.

Do you want to be a part of this incredible mission and make a difference in your oral health?

Suppose you are ready to work with board-certified periodontists who are not only experts in saving your teeth but also who specialize in creating  your beautiful smile with dental implant therapy? In that case, it might be time to work with the team at Monadnock Perio and Implant Center of Keene, NH. 

We strive to offer continuity, long-term relationships with all of our patients and their routine dental providers. That is why our team is here five days a week to our amazing communities.  Call our office today at (603) 215-5800 and visit us at 819 Court Street, Unit A. We work together with our patients to help them save their teeth and smile from periodontal disease and other concerns that can impact oral health and wellness.