Lasers in dentistry with Keene, NH area practice

In the past, the thought of lasers often brought to mind science fiction books and movies. However, lasers are used in many areas of medicine today, including dentistry. By integrating lasers into dental practices, dentists, and periodontists such as Dr. Tae Kwon and Rahul Tase allow individuals to achieve results with less pain, bleeding, and anxiety for patients. Our team has reinvested to integrate lasers into many dentistry procedures, including preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

How are lasers used in dentistry?

At Monadnock Perio and Implant Center, we assist patients with a wide range of services by integrating laser therapies whenever possible. Below are just a few of the laser treatment that are provided at our facility:

  • Laser dental cleaning – cleaning the teeth and treating bacteria is easy with laser-assisted treatments
  • Soft tissue laser (LANAP) – the LANAP procedure is perfect for patients who have periodontal disease and need to treat bacteria throughout the smile
  • Laser dentistry for cavities – utilizing lasers to remove decayed portions of a tooth and place a filling is a fast and effective solution for many of our patients with cavities

Why choose laser treatments?

In many instances, laser treatment ensures precision results while avoiding extensive pain and discomfort for many of our patients. When you are undergoing laser treatment at our practice, you can rest assured that our team is trained and skilled in providing services that are essential to restoring your oral health and wellness. Laser treatments often result in fewer appointments, less discomfort, and accurate treatment of a wide range of dental problems.

Learn more about lasers in dentistry at Keene, NH area practice

Drs. Tae Kwon and Rahul Tase are board-certified periodontists at Monadnock Perio and Implant Center who are here to assist new and established patients in achieving and maintaining their oral health and wellness. If you reside in the Keene, NH area and are ready to speak to professionals about ways lasers are used in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, call the office at (603) 215-5800 to request your appointment. The office is conveniently located at 819 Court Street, Unit A and serves patients in the communities of Monadnock and Cheshire counties.